Flandecoco Mobile World Congress

Far beyond the simple sale, we help you get customers. Here at FlandeCoco we breath Marketing. Ideas are part of our DNA

Strategic Marketing

Expertise analysis and knowledge of the market, capable of helping companies to detect new opportunities and needs. Anticipating the competitors.

Commercial Marketing

The sale itself is the goal, creating the offer identifying the wishes of users and consumers is the way. And you will never walk alone.

Promotional Marketing

Creating the difference of added value. Forcing the decision making of the purchase. Distinguish brands and products with the creativity and experience from FlandeCoco.

Direct Marketing

Efficiency and premium measurement. Infinity of formats (mail, telemarketing, point of sale …) for a single purpose: to trigger a result in a specific target.

Institutional Marketing

Boost the image of a company or institution from its collaterals. Social responsibility, quality of work, eco commitment… its human side as a its trademark.

Digital marketing

Walking the extra mile from the simple transfer of actions and strategies, from Offline Marketing to the Internet. Specific tools for a universe with no limits, obstacles or frontiers.

Analysis of results

Conversions, objectives, evaluation of the real impact on sales and, among others, measurement of the user behavior. The metrics as a true mirror of actions.

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